Investment Approach
If the events of the past decade have taught us anything, it is that the world is changing more quickly than ever. The make-up of global economies has changed, trade between nations has changed, the relationship between government and business has changed, the structure of markets has changed, the way securities are evaluated and traded has changed, our access to information has changed, the opportunities and dangers that face investors have changed.

But, despite all these ongoing changes, the one constant is common sense. It is the foundation of everything we do and it underpins the success we enjoy.

Financial security is about much more than picking stocks. Financial security is about being ready to face the worst in life and about being poised to take advantage of the best it has to offer. As such, we strive to avoid obvious dangers and focus on obvious opportunities, within the framework of a method that is far more concerned with our clients’ objectives and personal beliefs than it is with market timing or speculation.
For clients in Canada, securities are offered through Aligned Capital Partners, Inc.